Helpless to Share the Gospel


Helpless to Share the Gospel

Golfer Payne Stewart’s jet crashed in 1999. It appears that the pilot and copilot went unconscious during the flight. Air traffic controllers were unable to communicate with the pilots, and two Air Force jets were sent to investigate.

Ad they pulled alongside Stewart’s jet they could not see any movement from the cockpit, but they could see that the windows were fogged up. It appears that somehow the cabin lost pressure allowing cold air from the stratosphere in the plane. After the plan ran out of fuel it plunged to the earth below.

One of the pilots who flew alongside the plane said, “It’s a very helpless feeling to pull alongside another aircraft and realize the people inside that aircraft potentially are unconscious or in some other way incapacitated. And there’s nothing I can do physically from my aircraft to help them, even though I’m fifty to one hundred feet away.

Picture the lost as a runaway airplane with nothing to stop them from plunging int Hell unless you share the Gospel with them. Does it not stand to reason that we should do all we can to rescue those who soon to plunge into eternal perishing?

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Passionate in his presentation and authentic in his message, Pastor Billy Anger is a voice for Christianity that has impacted many for the cause of the Savior over the course of 21 years of service. There can be no question that Billy Anger has the ability to bridge the generational divide, endeared to the foundations of the past while bringing the relevance of the Gospel to a new generation of believers. He believes in the incredible potential of the Church to impact society, and brings that message to men and women of all ages by imparting practical biblical principles.

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