Humility is Maturity


How do you handle criticism? The way in which you respond speaks volumes about both your maturity and attitude.

George Whitefield was a famed English evangelist in the 1700s. He led many meetings where hundreds of people come to Christ. His ministry had great affect around England and was instrumental  in sparking a revival in the land. Yet for all the good he did, he was not without his critics. He very often received letters of criticism, mockery, or hateful correction. Sometimes he would become discouraged by the letters, but he soon learned that the best response to a critic was openness and honesty. After receiving a letter of personal attack, he wrote one simple reply to its sender:

“I thank you heartily for your letter. As for what you and my other enemies are saying against e, I know worse things about myself than you will ever say about me.”

With Love in Christ,

George Whitefield

I hope when I grow up I can demonstrate such an honest and humble response to those who would malign me. How about you?

About the Author:

Passionate in his presentation and authentic in his message, Pastor Billy Anger is a voice for Christianity that has impacted many for the cause of the Savior over the course of 21 years of service. There can be no question that Billy Anger has the ability to bridge the generational divide, endeared to the foundations of the past while bringing the relevance of the Gospel to a new generation of believers. He believes in the incredible potential of the Church to impact society, and brings that message to men and women of all ages by imparting practical biblical principles.

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