“This World is All There is and it is Enough”


I am convinced through years of observation that as mankind gained increasing mastery over nature through science he gradually lost his sense of helplessness, and with it, his need to believe in the supernatural. He has become more and more conscience of the worldly and in the process arrived at the conclusion “This world is all that there is and it is enough.”

The evolving belief system takes on the form of many secular ideologies and thought patterns, including naturalism. Naturalism is a philosophical position, empirical in method, that regards everything that exists or occurs to be conditioned in its existence or occurrence by causal factors within one all-encompassing system of nature, however “spiritual” or purposeful or rational some of these things and events may in their functions and values prove to be.

This denial of the divine is one of the many challenges we face in our obligation to fulfill the Great Commission here at Crosspoint. It is to that end we seek biblical equipping and Spirit empowerment.

About the Author:

Passionate in his presentation and authentic in his message, Pastor Billy Anger is a voice for Christianity that has impacted many for the cause of the Savior over the course of 21 years of service. There can be no question that Billy Anger has the ability to bridge the generational divide, endeared to the foundations of the past while bringing the relevance of the Gospel to a new generation of believers. He believes in the incredible potential of the Church to impact society, and brings that message to men and women of all ages by imparting practical biblical principles.

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